One of the most interesting things about East Nashville,
is the number of world-class musicians that live within its borders.

This is their story.

East Side Of The River-PosterWEB2

Next screening is Wednesday, April 16th at the Family Wash.

The "East Side of the River" is a documentary film and book project,
incorporating video interviews and still photography of musicians,
places and events that shape the neighborhood of East Nashville, Tennessee.

The neighborhood of East Nashville is a wonderfully interesting mix of
personalities and people, and the area is a charming, attractive place to
live because in some respects it has not changed in many years, but in
other areas of the neighborhood, changes are happening before anyone
realizes...a new business opens up, one closes, buildings and homes are
remodeled and some torn down, music venues come and go...people
move in, and people move away.

Everyone agrees it is a great place to live.